SEDUCTIVE is the hottest label for glamour pants – one of the most coveted luxury collections on the market today and an integral part of every fashionista’s closet.
For long an insider tip among enthusiasts, SEDUCTIVE pants have redefined the upper casual segment in a span of nearly four years. From anonymity to top selling brand, the creed of designing “pants for the best” has remained essential in our success.

The reasons are simple: exclusive design, use of quality materials, and perfect fit – all to ensure a woman appears and feels sophisticated, sexy and alluring – whatever the occasion. In fact, this very uniqueness can be felt from the first time you wear a SEDUCTIVE design, and as such remains intrinsically connected with the name “seductive” itself!

SEDUCTIVE has expanded its collection to around 50 models, currently subdivided into three trend directions:
The “Casual Luxury” line, dominated by newly interpreted cotton pants made ​​of cashmere flannel, wool serge, elastic corduroy, and a variety of winter cottons.
The “Trendy” line, constituted by various jerseys, bi-stretch fabrics, as well as Japan-denim for our legendary jeggings and treggings with patch effects.

Finally, the SEDUCTIVE “Basics”.