Over the years, Schera GmbH, has developed into one of the most modern garment factories in Germany. Headquartered in Woerth am Main, it has a long standing tradition and experience in the manufacturing of pants and skirts.

Traditional values, craftsmanship ​​and openness to research form a perfect symbiosis at Schera.
Up to this date, the company understands the processing of fine fabrics and materials as modern manufacturing, incorporating constant innovations and use of new technologies. The mission remains continued development and perfection of quality, fit and exclusivity of its products.

A perfect fit – the very promise of every Schera product is guaranteed through the exclusive and individual appropriation of outer materials/fabrics for each model, the development of an elaborate graduating system, as to ensure that all pants and skirts come in a perfect fit across the entire size range.

As a 100% privately owned company, customer service has remained Ralf and Brigitte Schellenberger first priority and as such, a major key in the company’s long-term sustainability, growth, and success. Schera’s strive for perfection and constant drive to improve have been widely recognized in the industry. The excellent range of properties to be completed by the SOS program, designed for production and delivery of fast-selling trends and models of the season, “just in time” production methods, and availability of newly produced merchandise available at short notice for its customers, is unprecedented.

In collaboration with New Fashion Consulting – Wolfgang Schanz and Catrin Leiber – the collection SEDUCTIVE was launched. It represents the premium collection of Schera and complements the more commercially oriented line Rafaello Rossi.