The city lay in the soft light of a late “Indian summer” day and was “full of fashion”. Fashion Week was on the calendar and hundreds of sets for film, movie, and other television productions took this event as an opportunity to shoot entire scenes in cafes, hotels or on the streets of NYC.

Catrin and Wolfgang Schanz – designers from Germany – were trend-scouting for inspirations and new ideas during those wonderful fall days, when by accidence, during a quick lunch in one of the city’s former “hot-spots”, the set for a very successful t.v. production was being put into place. Stylists, make-up artists, designers, and actors, surrounded by cameras left and right…briefly everything that goes with it had romped to the premises. It was a shambles, but infectious, exciting and extremely fashionable mess. The two designers were impressed…

In the very first scene, the main actress was to burst through the door of the busy bistro….loaded with shopping bags, she is frantically looking for her friends. Her outfit: Blue Club blazer, white blouse, Marlene trousers and compulsory Manolo’s ..
Yet, instead of starting the scripted text, the actress visibly in discomfort, loudly shouted:
“Patricia … I hate these pants !!!…” Her stylist replied: “Honey .. What do you expect from pants?!!”
Her answer: “Even wide pants have to be sexy, and they have to fit, they have to be … “SEDUCTIVE”…

From that very moment on Catrin and Wolfgang Schanz knew that something essentially different and new had to be created. They wanted to design highly fashionable pants with a supreme shape ensuring a sexy fit. Even the name for the new collection was immediately set in stone: SEDUCTIVE, as it represents the alluring and tempting feel and look of every single of our design!