Let’s talk about… SEDUCTIVE

A perfect pair of pants should… give the wearer a great figure and be an essential piece that is easy to combine.

SEDUCTIVE means… tempting, alluring, beguiling.
And this is exactly what we want to convey with our pants. They should make women feel good and help them wear their outfits with confidence.

My job… makes me happy!
I’m a creative person so developing the SEDUCTIVE pants gives me the chance to turn my idea of aesthetics into a reality. And it also gives me the opportunity to regularly travel to my favourite cities. To Paris, Milan and New York, for example, to visit the fabric and fashion tradeshows there, or to our special photo shoots in places like Sicily and Miami.

Developing collections is like… building a sandcastle.
Bit by bit, you slowly create something wonderful, investing your energy into every single detail, but at the end of the day it’s fleeting… and so you start all over again from the beginning, with the aim of doing it even better next time…

My personal style… is effortless and centred around high-quality individual pieces during the day and when I’m travelling.
With my SEDUCTIVE pants I wear white blouses or slim-fitting jumpers, which I like to combine with a blazer for business meetings. With such a simple look. it’s okay for my handbags and shoes to stand out. In the evenings, my style is more seductive, but still classic. If I’m not wearing a dress, I will put on a pair of SEDUCTIVE pants. There are a lot of pants with a very sexy cut. Black is usually my colour of choice and I combine the look with a silk blouse, high heels and accessories. And I also see the style of our SEDUCTIVE customer as being very similar.

My “must-have” SEDUCTIVE pants… are Sabrina, Allison, Vicky, Ania and Sailor.

The greatest success of SEDUCTIVE… is that the collection has its own signature style, which has found a lot of fans.

Catrin Schanz
Head of Design