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SEDUCTIVE stands for luxurious trousers with a timeless design, a feminine silhouette, and quality without compromise.

The dynamic world of modern women demands styles that are aesthetic, sophisticated, flexible – and comfortable. The trousers by SEDUCTIVE offer all this and more; can be worn during the business day or while travelling, and accesorized stylishly for the evening. Their perfect fit, exquisite colours, and soft Italian fabrics make SEDUCTIVE pants absolute must-haves.

Since 2007, SEDUCTIVE has been one of the most successful trouser labels on the international market and is to be found in the best fashion stores.

Family Business

Authenticity, passion, and sincerity – these values play a particularly important role for the Schellenberger family in managing their company. A warm-hearted and respectful rapport and long-standing relationships with employees and partners, as well as their conscious approach to the products, have significantly contributed to the success and prestige of this likeable family business.

SEDUCTIVE Headquarter

The headquarters of the luxury trouser label in Großwallstadt combines offices, warehouse, logistics centre and showroom in an building covering 86,000 square feet. Approximately 70 employees work in this new building; the design and execution of which adhered to the most modern guidelines for sustainable building. A special highlight is the SEDUCTIVE Beauty Spa where customers and employees can be pampered and enjoy the newest cosmetics and skin technology.