The company — some facts

Schera GmbH by Ralf and Brigitte Schellenberger moved into its new headquarters in Grosswallstadt, Germany in September 2017. The manufacturer of the SEDUCTIVE trouser brand is now combining its company headquarters, warehouse, logistics and showroom on an area of 8,000 m² in one impressive building, which also conveys its success to the outside world. Sixty employees are now working there under one roof.
Our new headquarters also got supported from EFRE-Fond IWB Bayern 2014-2020.

During the planning phase, it was important that the most modern guidelines for sustainable construction were implemented in the design and construction of all buildings.
Another highlight is the in-house SEDUCTIVE Spa, where customers and employees can be pampered with the latest cosmetic and skin technologies.

But even more than all that, the number one priority is the organization that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the company’s constant growth. After all, more and more customers expect an optimum service. “Standing still is the same as going backwards,” according to Ralf and Brigitte Schellenberger.

The two are a couple to whom the often-overused expression ‘authentic’ applies in every respect – in the management of their company, in the warm-hearted way they deal with people and with regard to the products they offer. Values like credibility, high standards and passion for one’s work have become more of an exception in the fashion industry these days – but at SCHERA and SEDUCTIVE these principles are lived, breathed and applied on a daily basis, one of the many reasons for the success and renown that the married couple have achieved over the course of the
10-year brand history.

The company has been seeing very positive development for a number of years now and is regarded as one of the key players in the ladies’ trousers business. SCHERA is currently generating a turnover plus of 25%.



In spring 2017, we launched the SEDUCTIVE B2B shop to further optimize our service. You will find it under column “B2B” here on our website. Within a short time, this tool has become indispensable for many of our 400 customers. It means that stock can be replenished immediately, 24/7 as required, and customer wishes can be flexibly fulfilled at the POS.

If you don’t have your login details yet, simply and conveniently contact the SEDUCTIVE hotline at SCHERA.