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Perfect Pants

With a pair of trousers, it all comes down to the cut and style.
The right length or width has an impact on your whole outfit and how it makes you feel. Whether you’ve already found your SEDUCTIVE favourites, or you’d like to try out a new style, we are making it easy for you to find the pair to best suit you.
The City is all about cool, fashionable styles, in which you’ll feel well-dressed 24/7, whether on the move, at work or in the evening. And there’s no end to the number of different ways they can be styled.
Caroline Details
Rooney Details
Sailor Details
Lucille Details
Vicky Details
Allison Details
Our slim-fit SEDUCTIVE trousers offer a perfect fit and, thanks to our high-quality fabrics, also guarantee the ultimate comfort. The patented two-way stretch materials give styles like Leni and Franziska a sporty look and ensure that the wearer cuts a fine figure.
Leni Details
Franziska Details
Our all-time favourite has been impressing fans for years and is an absolute wardrobe staple. Sabrina is available in numerous colours, materials, prints and variations, for example as a cropped capri style.
Sabrina Details
There are so many jeans on the market, but SEDUCTIVE denim is different. It stands out from the crowd with premium fabrics, clean washes and its modern look.
Claire Details
Sabrina Details
Perfect pants meet perfect skirts. As well as the fantastic variety of SEDUCTIVE pants, every season you’ll also find a range of feminine skirts that can be wonderfully styled in a multitude of ways.
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