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“I see beautiful people, doing beautiful things, in beautiful places” (Slim Aarons) - this motto puts the signature imagery of the SEDUCTIVE label in a nutshell. In order to show the luxurious trouser styles in the best possible light, Catrin Schanz – the creative mind of the brand – looks each season for locations for the shoots, which complement perfectly the colours, patterns, and style of the current collection. In this way, magical moments are captured and scenes created which invite you to linger and dream.

Come on a visual journey and discover the inspiring SEDUCTIVE settings!

Canary Island
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Atlas Mountains,
Africa, May 2018
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Morocco, May 2018
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Florida, June 2017
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Italy, May 2016
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Switzerland, November 2015
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Saint Paul de Vence,
South of France, May 2015
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Germany, November 2014
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Italy, May 2013
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