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From the “Kö” in Düsseldorf, an 11-minute walk brings you to the ultimate Japanese experience. In one of the largest Japanese quarters surrounding the Immermann Straße, there are any number of Asian restaurants as well as all sorts of shops with waving cats and colourful kimonos in their windows. In “Little Tokyo on the Rhein”, the Shochiku supermarket is particularly popular. Here you can find the finest Japanese foods such as sushi ingredients and spices from the Far East.


When you walk in the door at Yaki-The-Emon you are immediately transported to the land of the cherry blossom. The Japanese restaurant on the Kloster Straße in Düsseldorf serves traditional delicacies from the Far East. They are famous for their Okonomiyaki, so-called Japanese pancakes, with a choice of toppings such as meat, vegetables or cheese. At least as intoxicating as the food is the atmosphere in Yaki-The-Emon. The Japanese calligraphy on the walls and the Asian art objects, old scrolls and coloured posters are very striking against the backdrop of the dark wooden furniture.