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Isla Saona,
Caribbean Sea

Part 1 – Main Collection

The colors of the sky and the sea shine in the Caribbean Sea aquamarine and soft turquoise green in the morning, cobalt and azure blue at noon and flaming red, orange, pink and purple in the evening.

In combination with white, endless beaches, exotic flowers and palm forests in all shades of green, the nature of the tiny SAONA Island offered us a spectacular backdrop to stage the SEDUCTIVE Summer 2022 and we were able to create unforgettable moments from sunrise to sunset - a SEDUCTIVE day full of emotions and fantastic images.

Side Note:
Not only SEDUCTIVE pants found this jewel in the Caribbean, SAONA was the island where many scenes of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" were filmed.

Dominican Republic

Part 2 – Color Story

We are not surprised that the people of the Caribbean, with the colorfulness of nature surrounding them, also paint their houses colorfully.

All the colors of the rainbow - such as lemon, papaya orange, coral red, palm green and indigo blue - can be found on the facades of the wooden buildings, many of which date back to colonial times and are protected monuments.

Our COLOR story couldn't find a more fitting backdrop, and the colors of the SEDUCTIVE Capsule Collection shine beautifully with these cheerful properties.