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Colourful souks, stalls offering oriental spices and unusual fabrics, snake charmers playing flutes, and an endless labyrinth of alleyways – the Medina of Marrakesh has an evocatively magical and unique atmosphere reminiscent of the One Thousand and One Nights. After sunset, the main square Djemaa el Fna begins to pulsate with life. Among the fire-eaters and storytellers, countless little cookshops celebrate the diversity of the national cuisine. Aromas of couscous, tajines, and cilantro begin to waft over the “red city”.

Jardin Majorell

A paradise in the midst of big-city bustle. The Jardin Majorelle is home to numerous exotic plants growing among colourful pavilions, fountains, and tubs planted with flowers. This artistic garden is particularly famous for its inimitable cobalt blue theme, conceived by the painter Jacques Majorelle. The French artist created his own Garden of Eden here in 1923. After his death, the garden lay neglected for many years until, at the beginning of the 1980s, no less a personage than Yves Saint Laurent breathed new life into what is probably the most beautiful garden in the world.