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Palazzo Brunaccini

Oh, to live once like a real princess! Guests can fulfil this wish in the Palazzo Brunaccini located in the historic centre of Palermo. The boutique hotel, built in 1714, belonged to the princess Lucrezia Brunaccini in the 18th century. The history of this elegant house can still be experienced today. Historic and traditional furniture, paintings and photographs adorn the eighteen suites and provide a wonderful contrast to the modern designer furnishings and the contemporary art on the walls. The Palazzo Brunaccini is only 700 metres from the impressive Cattedrale di Palermo and lies exactly between the churches Chiesa del Gesu and Chiesa del Carmine Maggiore.

Palermo Botanical Gardens

Wild nature with a long history behind it. The botanical gardens in Palermo as they are today have existed since 1786. The Royal Academy of Palermo, today the university, was granted a small plot of land on which to cultivate medicinal herbs and for teaching and research. Roughly 108,000 square feet (10,000 square metres) of this green, jungle-like oasis marches along the Via Lincoln, on the outskirts of the Kalsa quarter. The rare and exotic selection of plants – such as the enormous dragon trees – is what make this botanical garden so unique. Especially impressive is its emblem: a Moreton Bay fig (Ficus macrophylla) planted in 1845.