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Fall/Winter 22/23

The SEDUCTIVE Fall/Winter 2022-2023 collection presents a comeback of the most beautiful fashion styles from the 1970s to the 90s, yet is still more modern than ever.

As a kind of retrospective, the new trouser models are evoking memories of the past and weaving them back into the fabric of the present day. This is underlined by various vintage influences, which we certainly aren’t seeing for the first time, but are sure to appreciate all the more the second time around.

Styles ranging from high waists and bell bottoms to wide and flared legs are experiencing a fashion renaissance in winter 2022-23 and bringing past – and beloved – trends back into our consciousness and therefore back onto the scene.

Not only does the SEDUCTIVE look exude the necessary elegance, but also offers a perfect alternative to the omnipresent uber-casual, sporty trend.

Combined with innovative fabrics, rigorous silhouettes are transporting the whole vintage feel into the here and now.

Materials such as cord, metallics and crêpe are soft and flowing, while prints and jacquards are inspired by the colour schemes and graphic patterns of the 1970s.
This trend is underlined by natural colours like dark brown tones, gold, refreshing green nuances and honey-orange with highlights in pink and fuchsia.

Our latest SEDUCTIVE journey took us to Apulia, Italy, where we found the perfect retro backdrops to showcase our looks.

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